Elite Physicals believes the key to accomplishing your optimal performance is to eliminate distractions and allow for total focus on your athletic training, both on and off the field. This means eliminating the distractions, stress, and worry of your health or possible injury. Elite brings this peace of mind by offering access to the same caliber of care offered to professional athletes in a multi-million dollar facility, using cutting edge technology and seasoned providers.


Services Included

Physical Exam

Head to toe exam with Dr. Neal Erickson, a renowned physician who also serves as the team physician for Sporting KC. This is the most comprehensive sports physical exam available.


Tests your lung capacity, and function as well as your exercise capacity from how well your body uses oxygen.


Checks for damage or defects to the heart by analyzing the thickness of the walls, and function of the valves.


Gold standard for analyzing body composition. Looks at bone density, and complete body fat analysis.

EEG Scan

Tests physical reaction time and brain function, as well as a baseline concussion test.

Motion Analysis

Uses markerless motion capture technology to assess the range of motion at each joint. Great for injury risk assessment.

Professional Level Access

  • Injury prevention shortens the amount of time that an athlete is affected by injury.
  • Baseline tests bring objective data to the rehab process.
  • Ensures the athlete is ready to return to play.
  • Ensures the athlete is at or better than 100% upon return.
  • Eliminates the fear of re-injuring the joint or tissue upon return to activity.
  • Helps avoid compensatory injuries by addressing the whole body throughout rehab.

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