Who Are We?

Hosted by Pinnacle, Elite Physicals meets the needs of individuals who desire a thorough, in- depth physical exam. This is accomplished by a team of over a dozen top of the line physicians hand- selected by Sporting Kansas City’s own team physician; Neal Erickson MD.

This superior experience is obtained by utilizing Pinnacle’s Olympian-grade equipment to achieve the detailed and progressive screening needs of superior athletes, all available for you. In collaboration with Dr. Erickson’s team, you will receive a luxury experience with a sports mindset, all in one day. Dr Erickson and his team understand the value of concierge service throughout the year, tracking all of your health needs. The goal is to let us take away the guesswork of your health so that you may operate at the top of your game, reaching your personal pinnacle.



On exam day, your concierge will greet you upon your arrival at Pinnacle. From there, you’ll be ushered into the United States National Team’s locker room to change into your Sporting KC-issued training gear and enjoy complimentary fruit and energy snacks.

From there, you’ll begin your physical tour – including stops at the VO2 max, Dexascan, echocardiogram, DARI motionalysis, Quantaflo measurement and more. Finish your day with time in our cryotherapy recovery chamber and a massage.


Neal Erickson, MD

Neal Erickson, MD


Elite Physicals diligently sought out the best physicians and experts from a variety of disciplines in the Kansas City area. Each one of our providers is a leader in their respected field and chosen specifically with the patient and program’s needs in mind. The combined efforts of Sporting Kansas City, Pinnacle, and the well-earned reputation of our esteemed lead physician, Neal Erickson, MD, all lend itself to combining maximum sports medicine testing with in-depth thorough medical expertise.


My experience at Pinnacle was outstanding. I was impressed by the professionalism of the staff and the doctors. I had been going to my Dr regularly and thought I was getting a complete exam, but this evaluation blew that away. The depth of the exam was amazing. Thank you for your program that will help me improve my understanding of my health to a new level

Gary Mitchell


“Truly the most comprehensive and complete physical exam I have had or heard about. It addressed parts of my health that I expected and also dealt with areas that I never considered. I learned about ways to improve my health I am grateful for the experience.”

– Jeff Dimon,  CFO John Rohrer Contracting Company


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